AZIZ BOULOS, an avid lover of all things musical decided to start a life in the world of pianos.

He followed his passion and started a business that thrived on dedication to nothing but musical excellence, and became a pioneer in the field.


Soon , Piano Boulos became a leader in the musical industry not only in Egypt where it emerged, but branched out to the world.


Now, his grandsons are leading the way again, and opening their arms to all who appreciate the finer taste of music, not only by providing state of the art instruments, but also by spreading their knowledge and expertise to all who come their way.



It is not just a showroom or a piano store.

It is what we like to call … LE COIN DE LA MUSIQUE.


A royal honorary letter from his Majesty King Farouk addressing our grandfather & founder Aziz Boulos.

King Farouk's Royal Letter to Aziz Boulos praising him for his efforts in the musical piano business.

Document translation kindly offered by Nadia & Habib Sayour:


 From Farouk - King of Egypt - with the grace of Almighty God.

To the Honorable Aziz Boulos Bey, Supplier of the Royal Palaces.

For your sincere efforts expended in your achievements, and your characteristic high quality deeds,

We decided to grant you the honorific title of Bey -second degree-.

We have ordered our Royal Court to bestow our Will on the issuance of this decree.

Written at Abdin Royal Palace in Cairo on our 6th year of reign.

Issued by decree of His Majesty the King,

Head of Royal Court on behalf of His Majesty the King.